Chronic Thyroid Problem

Do you have thyroid problems, but despite being treated you still don’t feel right?  You may have one of the most commonly missed diagnoses today: Hashimoto’s Disease.  This is a very common cause of low thyroid function.  Hashimoto’s disease is caused by an immune system attack on the patient’s very own thyroid.  The attack ultimately results in destruction of the thyroid and consequently a deficiency of thyroid hormone. This brings about the characteristic symptoms of low thyroid function (fatigue, weight gain, constipation, dry skin, hair loss, and dozens of others) which usually prompts a visit to a physician.  Blood testing usually reveals low thyroid hormone and a prescription for thyroid replacement is given (as it should be).  However, the underlying cause of the low thyroid is often not addressed or not discovered at all.  Sometimes the patient responds very well to the hormone replacement (synthroid, levothroid, armour thyroid, etc.), but sometimes symptoms persist.  The underlying immune attack is usually the culprit for ongoing symptoms.  The immune molecules and the inflammation they cause interfere with the effects of the replacement hormone, even though there is adequate prescription replacement hormone.  So, unfortunately, the patient’s blood tests are “normal” but they sure don’t feel like it.  This can be extremely frustrating for the doctor and the patient.  The answer for this is to address the underlying immune attack (referred to as “autoimmunity”:  auto = “self”).  It is only when the immune system is dealt with that these patients begin feeling better.  There are 8 common causes of the autoimmunity in Hashimoto’s patients.  We have seen very good success when addressing those 8 causes, as well as other important issues in these patients.  For more information, see the book written by my mentor in this area, Dr. Datis Kharazian by going to