Diagnostic Services

At the Multi-Care Center we use a variety of testing methods involving functional medicine, functional neurology, rehabilitation science, nutrition, and chiropractic.

Diagnostic services include:


  • Complete Health History and Physical Exam: a meticulous health history review, systems review and physcial exam are a part of most of our new patient’s initial visit.
  • X-ray Analysis: with immediate in-house interpretation as well as a second over-reading by a certified radiologist.  We do spine x-rays as well as all extremities.  We use outside facilities to order MRI’s, CAT scans, Bone Scans, Cardiac Stress Tests etc.
  • Bioimpedance Analysis: This is a measure of the electrical conductivity from hand to foot from which a determination of percent body fat, lean body mass, cellular fluids and other measurements is made.
  • Laboratory Testing: Laboratory tests assessing blood, urine, stool and saliva are an important aspect to accurately diagnosing our patients.
  • Vascular Analysis: Doppler testing is used to assess circulation of the extremeties.



We also offer EKG and spirometry as well as testing dealing with male and female hormones, adrenal stress index, gastrointestinal function, intestinal permeability, toxic metals, organic acids, food allergies, bacterial overgrowth, neurotransmitters, and diet.