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About The Multi Care Center


The Multi-Care Center was developed by  Dr. Bruce Fink, in an effort to provide a multi-disciplinary, drug free approach to healthcare. Dr. Fink is a Chiropractor who is uniquely qualified with board certifications in Neurology, Nutrition and Internal Disorders.  He also has advanced his education through post-graduate studies in Orthopedics, Endocrinology, Rehabilitation, and Brain Based therapies.

“We believe that the “golden rule” urges any physician to pursue excellence in himself and in his approach to his patients. It is our goal to offer quality service with total allegiance to the patient.”
-Dr. Fink

We offer a patient-centered approach rather than “disease centered”. Every patient is evaluated as an individual with a unique genetic, biochemical, metabolic, and emotional makeup and receives a customized, individual care plan tailored to his/her uniqueness.

Commonly, the real cause of patients’ symptoms are never uncovered and they either suffer unnecessarily or rely on medications or other treatments to deal with their symptoms. We have found that properly targeted therapies yield powerful results. The real target must be revealed by thorough and concise examination  and diagnostic testing.

The Multi-Care Center is unique in that it offers a variety of services under one roof, all coordinated by one doctor. We strongly believe this design enhances patient care because the patient is not seeing several specialists from different locations with varying opinions. However, this does not mean we do not refer to various other physicians as is deemed necessary.


Potter County, PA

Tioga County, PA

Allegany County, NY

Mckean County, PA

Cattaraugus County, NY

Steuben County, NY

Cameron County, PA

Chemung County, NY

Clinton County, PA

Lycoming County, PA

Elk County, PA

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