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Internal Disorders

Regenerative Medicine

Utilizing unique, natural substances found within your own body to treat pain and encourage healing

Treats or Benefits

  • Arthritis

  • Tendinitis


At the Multi-Care Center, we offer injections of a few different products that have a "regenerative" or "rebuilding" effect on arthritic joints or chronically inflamed tendons (chronic tendinitis) or ligaments.  One such product is "Wharton's  Jelly," derived from healthy newborn umbilical cords.  It is very rich in  substances that have powerful anti-inflammatory and tissue regenerative properties. A second product, "Platelet Rich Plasma,", is actually derived from the patient's own body.  PRP and Wharton's jelly injections can often replace or at least postpone a joint replacement surgery or bring relief to stubborn tendinitis etc. 

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