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Curriculum Vitae Page Three

Curriculum Vitae Page Three

December 2003: “Mastering the 8 Core Factors to Optimal Wellness and Health Restoration”, Dr. Robert Rakowski


January 2004: The Autoimmune-Inflammation Connection, Michael Wald, D.C., M.D.


May 2004: Mastering the 8 Core Factors of Optimal Wellness and Health Restoration. Robert Rutkowski, DC, CCN, DABCN, DIBAK.


August 2004: Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association Convention: David Seaman, DC; “Drugs, Their Side-Effects & the Chiropractic Alternatives”.


July 2005: Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders Annual Symposium “Primary Care of the Chiropractic Physician”


1988-present: Numerous post-graduate seminar training in various areas including extremity adjusting, nutrition, rehabilitation, diagnosis, internal disorders, and others.


March 2006: Balancing Female Hormones, Dr. Janet Lang

May 2006: ACA Council on Nutrition Annual Symposium “Evaluating and Treating Endocrine Disorders”


October 2006: “Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance” J.J. Virgin – Designs for Health Educational Series


November 2006: The Role of Detoxification in Functional Management of Chronic Disease, Dr. David Brady


March 2007: A Functional Medicine Approach to Cardiovascular Disease, Dr. David Brady


April 2007: “The Fatigue Solution” by Kristi Hughes, D.C.


April 2007: Council on Nutrition annual symposium: “Alternative Approach to Autoimmune Disorders”


July 2007: ACA Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders Annual Symposium : “Primary Care for the Chiropractic Physician”.


September 2007: “The Shoulder Made Simple: Evaluation and Management of the Shoulder in Clinical Practice”, Dale Buchberger, PT,DC,CSCS,DACBSP,ART

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