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Offering a Multi-Disciplinary approach to Healthcare

New - Regenerative Medicine

Safe and Ethical. Treatments for arthritis or tendentious using "Platelet Rich Plasma" and other natural injections.

The MCC welcomes
Dr. Ross Simcoe

We're pleased to welcome Dr. Simcoe to our team. Dr. Simcoe is a board certified emergency medicine physician, and will be at the MCC twice a month.


Our Services


Careful and professional. Diagnosing and addressing misalignments of the spine that hinders healing.

Diagnostic Services

Varied and practical. We use a variety of testing methods involving functional medicine, functional neurology, rehabilitation science, nutrition, and chiropractic.


Effective and Simple. Treatment through addressing dietary issues. Many of the health challenges that Americans face today can be linked to a nutritional inadequacy.  


Novel and Advanced. Dr. Fink Utilizes advanced techniques in the ever-evolving area of Neurology to treat both every day and complex brain-health problems.

Internal Disorders

Thorough and non-invasive. Identifying issues within the body through various advanced methods including blood tests, EKGs, and more.


Simple and effective. Identification of areas of muscular weakness or tightness and a customized prescription to correct or “rehabilitate” those weak/tight areas.

See More - Massage Therapy

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